"Our mission at Adair Photography is to provide each of our clients with a personalized photography experience from start to finish. We strive to uphold the values of outstanding customer service, quality in product and timeless investments that are created custom to each client. Most of all, we love sharing in each timeless memory that we are allowed to capture and create for each client for generations to come."







The love and passion for photography has always been there for both of us. After meeting each other through mutual friends, we both knew that by supporting each other would give us the push into making this our careers. When we decided to pursue our dream of photography we needed a name.  And after many discussions later, we decided we would name our studio after a castle in Ireland, The Adair Manor. Thus, Adair Photography began 9 years ago! The word Adair means to be fortunate and powerful - which we feel has been a perfect fit for us.  We started Adair Photography as wedding photographers, which has lead to us today - having a full staff photography studio that has blossomed to many different avenues including mentoring other photographers. It’s amazing to think how many wonderful and genuine people we have met and photographed over the years, including over 300 weddings and countless portrait sessions.  We are very blessed to look back and see how much we have accomplished and grown through the years and we can not wait to see what the future holds.  We understand professional photography is a luxury, but you are worth it!  xoxo, Amanda & Liz








Owner // Photographer // Creative Team Member


Hello love! I'm Amanda! Been a wifey for 12 years to a handsome man that keeps me leveled. Furmomma to a cutie named Kuper aka "Kup". Most importantly I'm a believer. Educated about business and marketing then got side tracked with my calling photography. My mind never stops about being better. When I can relax I love my trips to the beach, mountains or basically anywhere when it's qualitiy time with my loved ones. Decorating and restoring furniture is a second fun passion of mine too. Over the past nine years I have met the most AMAZING people. My job allows me to travel which I love to do because I get inspired of why I do what I do. 
I. AM. SO. Stinking. Blessed. Y'all!



Owner // Photographer // Creative Team Member


Hi! I’m Elizabeth (Liz) Gray. I was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas with an Irish soul. Needless to say, my favorite day of the year is St. Patrick’s Day! I reside in Canyon with my husband - Todd, my boxer - Allie and my rescue pup - Huck. I love golfing, going on razor rides with Todd, traveling and of course, taking photographs. I have always had a love for photography and as I have grown older I appreciate the importance of capturing life moments even more. Photography to me is not only my career it is my passion and it’s priceless.






Lead Production Editor // Creative Team Member


Hey! I'm Brianne - better known as Buttercup here at the studio. I’m originally from Austin, Texas and currently reside in Canyon, Texas with my boyfriend James and our sweet yellow lab mix, Cashew. After graduating with my Bachelors in Music Education, I knew that photography was my true passion. I graduated with a Photographic Technology degree in 2016. Being a part of Adair really is the most rewarding, worthwhile experience I’ve ever had - I wouldn’t change it for the world! When I’m not editing photographs in the studio, you can find me at the local coffee shop, supporting local performing arts (art, music and plays), going to the movies, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.





Marketing & Cinema Intern // Creative Team Member


Hey there! I'm Kristin - the intern. I was born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam and currently reside in Canyon, Texas. I’ll be graduating from WTAMU this May with my Bachelors in Advertising & Public Relations. I’m truly blessed to be able to work with all these wonderful ladies at Adair Photography. Something to know about me as a human: I love food and am always down to try new dishes. Window shopping and ice-cream help when I stress. Traveling is a hobby of mine and my goal is to travel to a new destination every year.






Photography Assistant // Creative Team Member


Hello! My name is Jenna Clark. I was born and raised in Amarillo, TX. I live here in Amarillo with my two dogs, Maggie and Penny. I am going to school to be a paramedic and eventually a flight medic. I enjoy the outdoors such as hiking and biking. Soccer is my number one hobby with reading a close second. I love anything that brings me adrenaline which is why I have gone skydiving twice! Working at Adair has spiked my interest in photography and someday I would love to take pictures as a hobby. My favorite quote is "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi